Creative logos and identity design for meaningful brands.

“Kristine is simply amazing. Her creative skill set is unmatched and her brand design work is beyond innovative and fresh……”
– Bill Sinunu, Globally Hip

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Discover and articulate the soul of your brand:

Why Hire Us?


Communication, vision, strategy and design.
We bring it all together.

Our approach to designing a brand goes beyond traditional graphic design. Our methods tie directly to your top-line goals, focusing on results and not merely pretty pictures.

A brand identity is your key essential business communication tool.

Think of your logo and tag line as the “greeting” for your business: It’s the first thing people see and it reflects the tonality for your entire brand. At Paragon Moon, we strive to help you create a brand identity that is not only sophisticated and professional, compelling and cohesive, but one that also reflects your heartfelt passion and enthusiasm. After all, you started a business because you fell in love with an idea… Let’s show the world what that passion looks like.

Graphic design is a form of intentional communication. It’s not art. It’s science.

If it’s important, it’s best to work with a pro. Here are just some of the benefits of partnering with a professional graphic designer:

• Unify your company’s look and feel
• Position yourself as a professional in your industry
• Differentiate from your competition
• Provide clear identification of your business and brand
• Create internal focus and direction
• Increase business and brand awareness

What Clients Say: